SMEs will conduct up to two rounds of assessments to assess remaining applicants against the required competencies and proficiencies. Applicants who achieve a passing score after the first round move to the second. Those who receive an overall passing score are considered qualified for the position.

  • HR Specialist
  • Subject Matter Expert

4 hours

Scheduling Interviews with Applicants

Work with a team of schedulers or a scheduling tool to match SMEs with applicants for interviews.

Training SMEs to Conduct Assessments

Hold a mandatory SME training for each type of assessment about reviewing responses against the required specialized experience (e.g. minimum proficiency levels from job analysis)

Interviewing Applicants

SMEs may conduct one or two rounds of phone interviews in the assessment phase.

Written Assessments

During job analysis, SMEs and HR may decide to use a written assessment.

Reviewing SME Assessments

As SMEs submit their assessment reviews, check their work and provide necessary feedback.