Reviewing SME Assessments

As SMEs submit their assessment reviews, check their work and provide necessary feedback.

  • Skim for jarring inconsistencies in their competency ratings (for example, feedback that “Applicant answered question poorly”, but rated a “Meets” for that competency).
  • Verify that each required question documents the applicant’s response. Verify that every core competency has a rating of Does Not Meet, Meets, or Exceeds.
  • If hiring for multiple roles under one PD, verify that the correct competency ratings and applicant responses are documented for the roles the applicant is eligible for (for example, if the applicant interviewed for the generalist and network roles, then the SME must provide a competency rating and applicant response for the core competencies and the network competancy).
  • Verify that the summary assessment analysis is complete (with at least a few sentences).
  • Confirm the SME correctly addressed any initial issues you may have reported.

Calculating an Applicant’s Final Assessment Rating

After SMEs have addressed your feedback for their assessment forms, calculate and save the applicant’s final assessment rating.

  1. Review the proficiency ratings the SME gave for each question.
  2. In the table at the bottom of the interview assessment, mark whether the applicant does not meet, meets, or exceeds the minimum required proficiency levels.
  3. Using the Interview Assessment Rating Guide, give the applicant an overall assessment score.