Written Assessments

During job analysis, SMEs and HR may decide to do a written assessment instead of a first-round interview.

If your SMEs opt for a written assessment instead of a first-round interview, you will need to prepare questions and training for each different assessment round.

Items to check before sending a written assessment

Communication to applicants

  • Applicants may be concerned you are seeking “free work” - have you clearly explained that the asseessment is solely for evaluation?
  • Have you expressed the due date of the assessment consistently, with time zone marked?
  • Have you clarified any formatting requirements for submission and what will happen if people submit via another format?
  • Have you added language about how you will treat extenuating circumstances (e.g. a COVID infection)?

Assessment readiness

  • Have you had one SME who has not worked on developing the written assessment attempt to take it in order to gauge difficulty level and time to complete?
  • Have you built out instructions for how to transmute the assessment scores, particularly if you have multiple reviewers? (the SME-QA team has a template you can reference)

Assessment Options

See a full list at this reference link.