Resume Review

SMEs independently review applicant resumes to determine if they adequately reflect the core competencies and proficiencies to warrant entry to the assessment phase.

  • HR Specialist
  • Subject Matter Expert

Approximately 5 days

HR does not need to conduct a separate HR minimum qualification review.

After SMEs have finished reviewing resumes, HR is not required to conduct a separate qualifications review since this process relies on the judgement of SMEs. HR instead plays a strong role in ensuring the justification statement traces back to a required competency or proficiency. In this process, being minimally qualified only gains applicants entry into the pass/fail interview- it does not guarantee applicants preference points. See DE handbook 4-2, and 5-23, 24.

Preparing for Resume Reviews

To prepare for resume review, set up training materials, find practice resumes, select the tooling to track results, and decide your review method (2 SMEs plus a tiebreaker or a different approach).

Set Up and Conduct Resume Review Training

Before assigning resumes to SMEs, conduct a two-hour training on resume review. Optionally, follow your training by assigning resumes and holding a one hour review session where SMEs can raise questions.

Using USA Staffing for Resume Review

If using USA Staffing to support your hiring action, you can bulk export applicants and grant SMEs access to applicant resumes.

Guidance on Personal Relationships with Applicants

Use this guidance to know whether the SME should recuse themselves from assessing an applicant.

Conducting SME Resume Reviews

Resume reviewers must be familiar with the required competencies and proficiencies. They'll use these to assess resumes for the required experience and deterimine if applicants will be further assessed.

Reviewing SME Resume Review

As SMEs submit their resume review notes, check their work and email them with any necessary feedback.

Notifying Applicants After Resume Reviews

After SMEs have completed resume reviews, use these NOR codes to send notifications to all applicants indicating their status.