Getting Started

When you've decided to use the SME-QA process to find qualified applicants, you can plan your hiring action.

For more information, see The SME-QA Process.

  • HR Specialist
  • Hiring Manager
HR Outcomes
  • Baseline data on recent delegated examination (DE) hiring actions
  • A classified position description (PD) at the proper GS level
  • A complete list of the vacancies to be filled for the hiring action
  • An identified hiring manager and project manager
  • SME selection criteria, created with the hiring manager for the hiring action
  • A list of 8-10 exemplary SMEs, depending on projected applications for the hiring action

Committing to SME-QA

In order to be successful, all parties involved in the hiring action need to commit to the assessment strategy employed by SME-QA.

Identifying Appropriate Positions

To meet the goals of your hiring action, gather information to drive your decisions and identify individuals to fill key roles for the duration of the action.

Selecting Subject Matter Experts

The success of your hiring action depends on the strength of your subject matter experts (SMEs). It's understandable that your most exemplary SMEs have many responsibilities on a daily and weekly basis. However, their time investment now will result in stronger hires and a healthier workforce down the line.

Time Commitment

The SME-QA process requires time commitments from subject matter experts, hiring managers/selection officials, and HR specialists.


In your first use of SME-QA, target an eight week timeline from the job analysis workshop to selections. In subsequent postings of the same role, five weeks is possible. This timeline requires a project manager, HR specialist, and SMEs committed to this schedule, and hiring managers committed to making quick selections.

Collecting data

To gauge the success of your hiring action, collect baseline data about recent delegated examination (DE) hiring actions at your agency. You'll compare this information with the results you receive when your new hiring action is complete. If you share this data with us we can help you analyze the data and evaluate your results.