SME Recruitment Email

Good afternoon,

We are currently recruiting subject matter experts (SMEs) to partner with HR to improve hiring outcomes for GS-XX XXX Position. In this process, SMEs will partner with HR to develop a list of common competencies and proficiency levels required for a position. SMEs will then conduct resume reviews and structured interviews with the applicant pool that will allow us to filter applicants to those that are absolutely qualified. Hiring managers can then confidently make multiple selections from a competitive hiring list.

We have a need for SMEs who are passionate about bringing high quality talent into their agency. SMEs participating in this process will dedicate 50-60 hours over 2-3 months for the following:

  • 2.5 day workshop to develop common competencies and structured interview questions
  • Resume review training
  • Resume reviews (8 hours over 1 week)
  • phone interviews training
  • SME phone interviews (up to 40 hours over three weeks)

If you’d like to learn more about this process, please see the attached one-pager.

By XXX Date, please let us know if you wish to participate (and have agreement from your hiring manager) and your availability for a 2-day job analysis workshop.

Thank you,