Job Announcement

To attract the most qualified applicants, your job announcement must be an accurate and compelling representation of the position. Plan where you'll advertise before the job is posted.

  • HR Specialist
  • Hiring Manager

3-4 hours

HR Outcomes
  • Job announcement content to publish on USAJOBS
  • Recruitment strategy for your role(s)

Final checklist before JOA Posting

  • If using USA Staffing, have you set up the manual assessments in order to import the SMEQA assessment results into Staffing? Not doing this will cause a large amount of manual work.
  • Do you have a final private copy of the competencies and proficiencies that SMEs have approved with language matching the JOA?
  • Do you have language calling out the page limit for resume review in the JOA
  • Have you included language allowing candidates to be considered for other hiring actions?
  • Have you included the opt-in questionnaire item on being considered for employment at other agencies?
  • Do you have a link to the questionnaire in your JOA?
  • Did you consider including language telling applicants the announcement will remain open for either 240 days or 365 days to maximize selections off the certificate throughout the year?
  • Are the SMEs and HMs ready to do recruitment when you send them the link?
  • Is your HR speicialist in office and ready to process applicants any day the application may close?
  • Is your announcement clear about the locations of each posting and if you can hire people remotely? (candidates may assume positions are remote-friendly)

Configuring USA Staffing for the SME-QA Process

Set up USA Staffing to facilitate and support the SME-QA process.

If you're a Monster customer, contact us at and we can share more information on how to make this process work within Monster for SME resume reviews.

Creating a SME-QA job announcement

When the content of your well-written job announcement is complete, create a draft announcement on USAJOBS.

Recruiting For Your Roles

To attract highly qualified applicants who don't typically search USAJOBS, plan to advertise your announcement before posting using common private sector recruitment methods.

Plain Language Guidelines for Writing Your Job Announcement

The job announcement should be an accurate representation of the position and not come verbatim from the Position Descripion.