Set Up and Conduct Resume Review Training

Before assigning resumes to SMEs, conduct a two-hour training on resume review. Optionally, follow your training by assigning resumes and holding a one hour review session where SMEs can raise questions.

Setting Up Resume Review Training

Send calendar invites to all SMEs who will review resumes for your hiring action, including those who will provide tiebreaker reviews.

To prepare for your training:

  • Update the resume review training presentation template with your agency-specific information, including the final competencies and proficiencies from your job analysis workshop.
  • Gather sample resumes from the USAJOBS Agency Talent Portal, where USAJOBS users have opted into providing resumes for search. To request an account, write to You'll need around five resumes total from both private sector and current federal employees in the role you're hiring for. You can also ask current federal employees for their resumes from before their federal positions, and blank out identifying information.
  • Prepare your handouts:
    •  Training agenda
    •   Five sample resumes per SME
    •   Required competencies and proficiency levels from job analysis
    •   Resume review instructions for SMEs (forthcoming)

Providing SMEs With Assignments

Once participating SMEs have been trained to review resumes, provide them with their assignments.

Give the SMEs five business days to complete their review. Depending on the number of SMEs and applicants, SMEs should save 10 hours for resume review over the five day period. To prevent fatigue and maintain consistent, fair reviews, guide SMEs to allocate two hours per day to review resumes rather than longer periods over fewer days.