Training SMEs to Conduct Assessments

Hold a mandatory SME training for each type of assessment about reviewing responses against the required specialized experience (e.g. minimum proficiency levels from job analysis)

Setting Up Phone Assessment Interview Training

As soon as possible, send training calendar invites to SMEs. Invite only the SMEs who will conduct the next round of interviews for your hiring action, as the training reviews the questions for that round in depth. You’ll conduct two interview trainings, one for each round of interviews. SMEs can participate in the phone interview training in person or remotely using a conference bridge line, depending on the means and norms at your agency.

Attach these documents to the calendar invite you send to participating SMEs:

  • The Phone Interview Training Agenda
  • The Interview Template: This is the primary document you’ll use for training. Add the appropriate questions, competencies, and proficiency levels. In addition, add the words “minimum qualification” next to the required proficiency level in the SME rating section according to the results of the job analysis workshop.

Preparing Your Interview Training Session

After SMEs have been invited, prepare to conduct the interview training.

  • Provide the SMEs with the names of the applicants for that round of interviews. SMEs must inform you of any personal relationships they have with the applicants as they may not interview such applicants. For more information, see Guidance on Personal Relationships with Applicants.
  • Finalize the dates during which SMEs will conduct interviews, along with the approximate number of interviews they will conduct.
  • Update the Phone Interview Training Presentation with your agency-specific information, including both the questions for that interview round and final competencies and proficiencies from your job analysis workshop.