Template - Email to Applicants Requesting Second Interview

Dear Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in the {POSITION-NAME} position. You have moved forward from the first interview assessment. You’re now invited to a second phone interview with a subject matter expert to further assess your qualifications. This interview will last 30-60 minutes. If you’re referred for selection, you may be asked to participate in additional interviews with hiring managers.

Here are some key details about the position you’ve applied for:

  • Your job location would be in {CITY, STATE}. There are {no} reimbursements for relocation expenses.
  • This is a {SERIES AND GRADE} role. With {CITY, STATE} locality pay, the salary ranges from {$X to $Y} per year.
  • {DELETE IF NOT APPLICABLE: While this position does not require a security clearance, you will undergo a background check.}

If you’re still interested in this position, reply to this email within two (2) business days with three (3) available blocks of time (from 8AM to 4PM {TIME ZONE}) you’re available between {DATE} and {DATE} for a phone interview. If we don’t receive your availability by {DATE}, we’ll assume you are no longer interested and remove you from consideration.

Thank you for your time,

{AGENCY} Schedulers