Template - Email to Applicants Confirming First Interview


This email is to confirm your phone interview with {AGENCY} for the {SERIES AND GRADE} {POSITION-NAME} position on {DATE} from {TIME}{TIME} {TIME ZONE}.

You will be interviewed by a subject matter expert to assess your qualifications. The subject matter expert will call you directly at {APPLICANT-PHONE-NUMBER}. If you would prefer a different number, please let us know.

This interview will last up to 60 minutes, and will start promptly and end at the time indicated above. If you are running late, send an email to {SCHEDULER-INBOX-ADDRESS}. If we don’t receive an email prior to or within the first 10 minutes of the phone interview, we’ll assume you are no longer interested in the position and remove you from consideration.

Thank you for your time,

{AGENCY} Schedulers