State Department

I feel pretty confident whoever we are going to get because they were reviewed by SMEs. That takes load off the step of minimally qualifying and if they are going to be a good CX strategist.

— Hiring manager at State Department

Grants Management Specialist (1109 Series)

8 vacancies at GS-12 in Washington, DC

  • 1. Job Analysis Workshop

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    • 1 HR Specialists
    • 10 Subject Matter Experts
  • 2. Job Announcement

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    Job announcement posted from Monday March 2nd, 2020 to Wednesday March 4th, 2019.
    115 applied
  • 3. Resume Review

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    45 (39%) passed resume review
  • 4. Assessments

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    • 29 (25%) passed interview one
    • 27 (23%) passed interview two
  • 5. Selections from Certificate(s)

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    8 (6%) selected