Transmuting Ratings into Scores

For applicants who proceed through both interviews (breadth and depth), HR should transmute the interview assessment ratings into a final overall passing score to determine the category where they should be placed (before preferences are applied). The transmuting process would be as follows:

  • Any applicant with two 1s should get 70 points (category: qualified).
  • Any applicant with one 1 and one 2 should get 85 points, based on average of 70 and 100 (category: well qualified).
  • Any applicant with two 2s should get 100 points (category: best qualified).

Applicants who do not receive a combination of 1s and 2s would not be placed in a category as they did not achieve an overall passing score.

First Assessment Rating Second Assessment Rating Overall Outcome Final Score Category
1 1 Applicant Meets Qualifications 70 Qualified
1 2 Applicant Meets Qualifications 85 Well Qualified
2 1 Applicant Meets Qualifications 85 Well Qualified
2 2 Applicant Meets Qualifications 100 Best Qualified
1 or 2 0 Applicant Does Not Meet Qualifications    
0 N/A Does Not Move Forward to Second Assessment