Updated: May 11, 2020

Pursuant to 5 U.S.C. § 552a(e)(3), this Privacy Act Statement serves to inform you of why Federal agencies are requesting the information from you on your application for a Federal position.

Authority. OPM and other Federal agencies can collect the information requested on your application for a federal position pursuant to their right to rate applicants for Federal jobs under the authority of sections 1104, 1302, 3301, 3304, 3320, 3361, 3393, and 3394 of title 5 of the United States Code. Section 1104 of title 5 allows OPM to authorize other Federal agencies to gather information in order to rate applicants for Federal jobs.

Purpose. OPM and other Federal agencies are collecting this information in order to rate your candidacy for an advertised position through a virtual structured interview process to elicit specific information from you. Applicants will be given instructions to only provide responses to the questions and not to include any sensitive personal information.

Applicants’ responses to the interview questions will be used to determine whether applicants meet or exceed the minimum qualifications for a Federal job; or the level of proficiency a qualified applicant dstrongonstrates in competencies that have been established as critical to successful job performance.

Routine Uses. The information through the structured interview may be shared externally as a “routine use” to other Federal agencies who are customers of USA Hire-HireVue and only for those agencies specific job openings or shared certificates across the government. This is compatible with the purposes set forth in the OPM Govt-5 SORN, routine uses b, e. and r to use records in considering individuals who have applied for positions in the Federal service by making determinations of qualifications for positions applied for, and to rate and rank applicants applying for the same or similar positions. The records are also used to refer candidates to Federal agencies for employment consideration, including appointment, transfer, reinstatement, reassignment, or promotion. In addition, the external sharing is also permitted by OPM Govt-6 SORN, routine uses a and i which states that records are collected, maintained, and used by OPM or other Federal agencies for the construction, analysis, and validation of written tests and other assessment instruments used in personnel selection and appraisal, other assessment instruments used in personnel selection and appraisal, and for research on and evaluation of personnel/organizational management and staffing methods, including workforce effectiveness studies.

Consequences of failure to provide information. Applicants may choose to not engage in the interview using HireVue, but in doing so are declining to continue in the application process and will not be considered for the position. However, applicants will be told if they need an accommodation or have a laptop without a microphone then they can have an alternative phone interview using the same structured interview questions.