Health and Human Services Pilot Results

Outstanding. The fact that we had all of those SMEs in a room and we were brainstorming and just to hear their expertise come out. I wish I could do that on every job when we have to do job analysis. Especially when it comes to technical positions.

— Human Resources Specialist at HHS

IT Specialist (2210 Series)

10 vacancies at GS-13 in Washington, DC

  • 1. Job Analysis Workshop

    Icon showing people around a table in a workshop
    • 2 HR Specialists
    • 9 Subject Matter Experts
  • 2. Job Announcement

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    Job announcement posted from Friday April 5th, 2019 to Saturday April 6th, 2019.

    It covered 4 roles:

    • IT Specialist Generalist
    • IT Customer Support Specialist
    • IT Data Management Specialist
    • IT Policy and Planning Specialist
    164 applied
  • 3. Resume Review

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    103 (63%) passed resume review
  • 4. Assessments

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    • 54 (33%) passed interview one
    • 36 (22%) passed interview two
  • 5. Selections from Certificate(s)

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    7 (4%) selected